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My First 6 months at Queens' School

On my first day I was so nervous. I was dreading what would happen. I had so many unanswered questions flying around in my head. “Will I make new friends?” “Will people like me?” “What if I find something hard?”.  Deep down inside of me I was excited, but all that was showing were my nerves. My main concern was finding my way around the school and to each of my lessons. I don't know what I was worried about! Within my first two weeks I knew my way around the school and I got to every one of my lessons on time.

At the start of the year you get on with everyone. But after your first term, you know everyone and start to fall out with your friends. I know from my own experience when you think you can trust someone and then they turn their back on you. If anything like this happens to you follow these steps:

*See if you can sort it out between you.

*Let your form tutor know. They will do the best they can to help you.

*If that doesn't work, tell Mrs Pankhurst, the Head of Year 7.

By Caitlin Green 7NI

Don't trust everyone at the start of the year, get to know them a bit first.TRY YOUR BEST AT EVERYTHNG You'll make friends - Good ones too.Don't mess around cos the teacher will be on to you! Join lots of extra curriculum clubs to make the most of the school's resources.