Year 6s

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Hello and Welcome

This webpage is for Year 6 pupils who will be starting at Queens' School in September 2012.

At Queens' we will try to make sure that you are happy. You will make lots of new friends of all ages. Your job will be to work hard, behave well, have good manners and dress smartly.


One of the things that worries students going to a new school, is "Will I make new friends?" It is often not possible for us to put you with someone from your old primary school.

However, EVERYONE feels the same. By the end of your first day you will have met 28 new people and made at least one friend. By the end of your first week you will have made lots more. By the end of your first half-term you will wonder what you had been worried about.

In any class there will be some people you like and others that you don't like as much. People will feel the same way about you too. If you have any serious friendship problems, tell your form tutor, or Mrs.Pankhurst. They can only help if you tell them what the problem is.


Yes, you will be given homework.
No, there shouldn't be any need to worry about it.

The secret to doing homework is to get yourself organised. During your first week at Queens' you will receive a booklet that tells you what homework to expect for each subject.
You normally have one week to complete the homework. One of the most important things to do is to make sure that you write down the instructions clearly in your planner. (Your planner is your Best Friend at Queens'.) It's also best to do the work on the day that it was set, whilst it is fresh in your mind. This also gets it out of the way!
There is a Home Study Support Group held twice a week (Lunch time)in Room 65, Learning Support. You can get advice and help if you need it.