This Week in History

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Events that happened this week, but in the past.

This page will not be updated again until September.

25th June 1852:

Antonio Gaudi, Spanish architect known for his colours and free-flowing forms, was born in Spain.

26th June 1974:

The first product barcode (on a pack of Wrigley's chewing gum) was scanned in a supermarket in Ohio, USA.

a Gaudi building

27th June 1967:
The world's first automatic cash machine is opened in London.

First barcode scanned

28th June 1914:

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungardy was assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The event was to spark the start of World War I.

World's first cash machine

29th June 1940:

Paul Klee, Abstract artist, died in Switzerland.

Franz Ferdinand


A Klee painting